Fight your friends or CPU fighters on your favourite stages with your preferred rules in Smash mode. Up to four players can play.

Rule Settings


Compete for the most KOs within the time limit. When you KO an opponent, you get 1 point. When you get KO'd or self-destruct, you lose 1 point. If there are multiple players with the same number of KOs when time runs out, they'll be thrust into a Sudden Death battle where all participants will start with 300% damage.


The number of KOs you get doesn't matter – it's all about being the last fighter standing. You start with a set number of stocks that decrease by one every time you get KO'd. If your stocks drop to zero, you're out of the battle.


This rule setting is only available in the Wii U version. The player who collects the most coins within the time limit wins. Hit enemies to knock coins out of them, and then pick up the coins. You'll lose some coins if you get KO'd.

Special Smash

Special Smash is only available in the Wii U version. In this mode, you can set various rules for a Smash battle. You can set fighter health to Stamina mode, equip fighters with items, make all fighters move at high speed, and more.
Special Smash cannot be selected in online battles.

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