Online Smash

With Anyone: For Fun and For Glory

You can choose For Fun or For Glory when playing With Anyone online.

For Fun stages are selected randomly from all stages except Final Destination. All items will appear. Only the number of matches you win will be recorded.

Only Final Destination stages are used in For Glory. Final Destination stages are flat stages with no platforms either above or below. Items will not appear. All battle stats, including the number of losses, will be recorded.

Almost all stages have a Final Destination version.

With Friends

You can play online with just friends. You can set up any rules you want. The player who first opens the room sets the rules for the first match. For each subsequent match, the player who finishes in last place can set up the rules.

About Inappropriate Behaviour

When playing online, your nickname will appear. Players engaging in inappropriate behaviour can be reported in the same way as in Miiverse.

Additionally, any of the behaviour listed below may result in a temporary ban in online play.

  • - Not actively playing
  • - Relentless focus on a single player
  • - Repeated self-destructs
  • - Dropping out of matches
  • - Modding or other cheating
  • - Inappropriate messaging

Warning! Spoilers Inside!
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