Smash Run

Basic Rules

Smash Run is a Nintendo 3DS-exclusive mode – a four-player, labyrinth-exploring, boost-collecting battle game.

First, the fighters enter a vast playing field.

There's a five-minute time limit!
During these five minutes you'll explore the field, battle enemies, and collect boosts to power up.

There are six types of power-ups: Speed, Jump, Attack, Special, Arms and Defence.

When the time limit is up, you'll carry the power-ups you collected into battle.

Versus Format

In addition to standard Smash matches, you can try Reflect Smash, where you automatically reflect all projectiles; High-Launch Smash, where every blow will send you flying; Climb!, where you see how high you can climb within the given time, and many other variations.


It's not like players will be in parallel universes battling each other directly.

From time to time, events will occur. All players will be subject to similar conditions and they will use their techniques to power up and proceed.

Add-On Items

You can carry add-on items with you, and use them to improve your performance in Smash Run.

Enemy Characters

Characters from a variety of games will appear as enemies.

An ever-changing cast of enemy characters will be randomly placed. More powerful enemies drop lots of power-ups. They are also more likely to drop custom parts and other rare items.

Warning! Spoilers Inside!
The following webpage has details on hidden parts of the game. Do you wish to continue?