Basic Rules

Move your character token around and try to knock other tokens off the map.

You can find more opponents by using StreetPass. Enemy tokens move automatically – all combatants will try to knock each other off the stage.

You'll receive gold for each opponent you knock over the edge! However, if your token gets knocked off, the game ends.


Moving Your Token

You control your token with the Circle Pad. Press a direction lightly to move slowly and press harder to move more quickly.


Bumping into other tokens will build up damage bit by bit on both you and your opponents. The more damage a fighter has built up, the easier it will be to launch him or her. Fighters take more damage if they get hit from behind.


Press the A Button to dash forward quickly. This is a great way of attacking fighters with their backs to you. Pressing and holding the A Button will allow you to charge up your attack, greatly increasing the distance your enemy gets launched and the damage he or she takes when hit.

However, you'll be unable to move for a bit after unleashing an attack, which will leave you open to counter-attacks.

Defence & Dodging

You can defend yourself against enemy attacks by pressing the R Button to deploy your shield. If you have your shield up, you can also use the Circle Pad to dodge incoming attacks if you find yourself in a tough spot.


If you use your dodge to avoid an attack at the last second, you can use the A Button to perform a counter-attack.


Gold will be dropped whenever a token besides your own is knocked off the stage. Dropped gold will belong to all players.

If you are the last surviving token, you'll get extra gold as a special bonus.
You may also receive equipment or trophies.

Warning! Spoilers Inside!
The following webpage has details on hidden parts of the game. Do you wish to continue?