Smash Smash

Select your stages, set the rules, and smash with up to eight players total!


Smash Squad Strike

Create a team of 3 or 5 fighters and take on your opponent’s squad one by one in a multi-fighter battle!


Smash Tourney

Fight your way to the finish in a 32-player tournament! You can even choose the type of brackets you'd like for your tournament.


Smash Special Smash

You and a friend can play through the full roster to see who comes out on top in Smashdown. And in Custom Smash, you can set all kinds of options for your battle.

Custom Smash

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Games & More Classic Mode

Choose your fighter and smash your way through increasingly difficult enemies for great rewards.

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Games & More Training

Hone your skills on any stage, including a Training mode stage that shows you exactly how far your opponents fly.

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Games & More Mob Smash

Waves of opponents will continue to appear as you launch them off the stage. See how long you can survive! 

Games & More

Games & More Challenger's Approach

While playing the game, new fighters will approach and challenge you to battle. You'll unlock them if you win! If you lose, don't worry. You can try a rematch by selecting “Challenger's Approach“ under the Games & More menu.


Games & More

Games & More VR Mode

Hook up the Toy-Con VR Goggles included with the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit and watch battles unfold right before your eyes. If all fighters are CPUs, you can view the battle from different angles. If you want to play in VR mode, you can do that, too!**VR mode is single-player only.

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VR mode for ages 7+.


Vault Edit Video

Save your best matches so you can watch them again later. You can convert your replays to videos, or even edit your favourite clips together into a new video.


Vault Challenges

Clear challenges throughout the different modes to earn in-game rewards.

More features
Mii Fighters

Create an original fighter from a Mii character!


Listen to your favourite songs as much as you like!


Check your stats.


Knowledge is power! Tips, hints, and bits of trivia.


Watch in-game videos


Exchange gold you win in battles for new in-game items!

And even more modes!