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Smash anywhere, anytime
New Challengers join the battle
Smash Bros. characters

Nintendo’s greatest fighters return

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Battle your friends

Settle it in Smash! Mega Man's Final Smash Start an epic brawl online* or with local wireless anytime. You can also fight competitively with people around the world via the Internet in two different modes:

For Fun—Stages will be selected at random and only your victories will be recorded.

For Glory—Choose from a variety of Final Destination stages and all wins and losses will be recorded.

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Create your Mii Fighter

Mii Fighters For the first time, you can make your own Mii Fighters. Choose your fighting style: brawler, gunner, or swordfighter. Who will you bring to the arena?

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Know your battlegrounds

Smash it up on Rainbow Road, the treacherous Gerudo Valley, and other exclusive stages inspired by classic handheld games.

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Customize the Challengers
Customize the Challengers

Battle your way through the different modes to unlock special moves and equipment for all the characters. Each one has a total of 12 special moves, plus tons of stat-adjusting badges to equip.

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Introducing Smash Run
Smash Run final battle

You’ll only find this mode on Nintendo 3DS! Kick off with a five-minute sprint through an enemy-packed maze.
Gather stat-boosters to power up your fighter, then finish with a free-for-all battle against other fighters.

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